Inventory3D extension for Sketchup use cases

Inventory3D is so versatile that it can be integrated seamlessly into an already existing company IT in order to significantly improve the workflow and operational procedure. Whether for corporate assets or your private belongings, Inventory3D may help manage any type of inventory and can be applied to many industries and activities.


Inventory3D is a system for quick and easy cross-check of inventory database records with the reality. Using unique features, the system allows to verify existing objects and draw missing or planned objects in a few seconds time. Said features include easy to learn 3 dimensional drawing tools and projection of ordinary photos to create overlays of photos, drawings and plans. In the overlay, you can perform drawings directly in the model, having photos in the background.

Exhibition stand construction

With Inventory3D different plans for large scale sites can readily be drawn in 2D and 3D scenery. Statistic reports list the quantities of all model components, exposition stands can be individually planned and equipped with furniture, and customized stands can easily be presented to expositors. All components in the entire model are kept continuously synchronized with your inventory list. Like that, Inventory3D can significantly improve your planning and presentation possibilities.